Prospect of Success

In today’s context multiple organization is tied up with international clients, so the Quality has been a major key for them to succeed. the Companies working in the global market want to showcase the quality and reliability of their product/service to get more projects. This platform will help them generate more revenue. 
However, there are no programs or such platform to groom and certify QA Engineers, At the same time, the IT market is developing rapidly and requires competent specialists. Big companies in Nepal are looking for their team to be certified. Having such a platform in the local market has become necessary. Country’s leading IT specialists admit the importance of certification. 
so here the opportunity is marked to introduce ISTQB certification, which will help companies to sustain in the market and at the same time it helps individual in their career goal.  
With increased awareness or the Certification program, more QA engineers will get certified, creating a pool of skilled and certified QA resources within the country. This creates marketability of QA resources throughout the industry as well as globally, helping the country with increased import revenue. 
Board members are QA professionals who have extensive IT and QA background as well as teaching and training experience in Higher Educational Establishments.