Code of Conduct [e-Exam]

The following rules and regulations govern all online examinations held within Nepal Testing Qualifications Body (NSTQB) and have been approved by International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB): 

Examination room for e-Exam 
The examinees position should be clearly visible to the proctor. The proctor will monitor the examinees at all times.
During the exam, the candidate should have a full set up of devices camera, power back up and internet bandwidth.  
Candidate should not have anything on their table except and if required, a dictionary and a calculator and an extra mobile.
The examinee appearing e-exam cannot print the exam or access the internet.  

Examinees’ identification  
The proctor will identify each examinee by the pre-notified identification card that is used in the respective country where the examination takes place.
The identification must contain the photo of the examinee. 

Before the Exam 
Each examinee shall be informed by the proctor before the exam about the examination rules.  
Each examinee should fill out the personal details and sign a statement saying they will keep the integrity of the examination.  
The proctor shall explain the integrity rules including the penalty for being caught cheating.  
All the form and documents submitted by the candidate should be valid.   
Examination papers are strictly prohibited from broadcasting, recording or posting on any website, mails, publish or otherwise disseminate via any mean known or which in the future may become known. 

Integrity rules  
Breach of the following rules may cause disqualification and penalties as defined by the Examination board.:
Copying from another examinee . 
Communication with other examinees during the exam . 
Using unauthorized material and all electronic devices.  
Using the Internet to get answers.  
Using portable media.  
Making screenshots or photocopies of examination questions. 

A person who is caught cheating may suffer the following penalties:
The exam of this person will be disqualified .
No refund will be provided.
The person will be disqualified from taking the exam in the territory of Member Board for at least 6 months. 

You agree to allow NSTQB to include your name in successful candidate registry(SCR) database, posting to directory of certified person unless you have further indicated.  Please visit for relevant details. All candidates are deemed to have read and to agree to abide by these and other examination regulations as determined by the NSTQB from time to time. Any infringement of these regulations may have serious consequences and may be referred to a Board of Enquiry.  It is in the interests of all examination candidates to co-operate to ensure that the examinations are conducted in a proper and orderly manner. 

*Note:  NSTQB holds an authority to change the date of exam if required due to the current COVID situation. However, candidates will be pre-notified in such circumstances.  

Cancellation/Re-scheduling Policy  
Due to the current circumstances, we are unable to offer any cancellations for now. However, candidates have an option to reschedule the exam. Please refer the rescheduling policy below. 

If you wish to reschedule your exam, you must contact NSTQB at with a written request at least 14 days prior to your scheduled exam date. Failure to cancel or re-schedule scheduled exam within the required time frame stated will be considered as “no-show” and may result in forfeiting your exam fees.